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There are about 1,250 breweries in Germany, almost four times as many as in all other countries of the European Union combined. This number includes brewpubs that produce beer only for their own on-premise sales, packaging breweries that service mostly their local or regional markets, as well as huge breweries that ship their beers all over the globe, including to North America. Among the 16 German states, Bavaria is clearly the leader in beer-making, with about half of all German breweries. The Bavarian capital Munich, however, contrary to common perception, is not Germany's largest beer city. The city of Dortmund in the state of North-Rine Westphalia is. Both cities produce more than five million hectoliters of beer annually (more than four million U.S. barrels), but Dortmund holds an edge in volume, albeit a slight one.

German breweries produce about 5,000 different brands. For a collage of assorted labels, logos and coasters, click here.


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